The following are testimonials from family, patients, and loving friends who believed in him. His contributions have survived in their hearts and minds.

“My Papa missed and talked about his friend over the years. They were just two friends, not black or white, not rich or poor. Just two people who cared about each other and shared each other’s troubles and good times”

- Bonnie Hines Sellers Kidd

“He loved NEHI SODA! He would usually select strawberry or orange flavor”

- Edwina Gibbon Stephens

“Gave birth to five children at home and the last one at FAMU Hospital and Dr. Campbell was in attendance each time.”

- Emma Amy Baker Williams

“Too often, it seems that people in remembering choose to focus on the bad and not the how Dr. Campbell was a very good man”.

- Rhonda Ransom

“The Campbell home became a landmark in the Frenchtown neighborhood.”

- Samuel McGhee

“Dr. Campbell was truly concerned about his patients. He would always fit people in when they needed him. He didn’t care much about money but he gave his family everything they wanted.”